New Enrollment Special

Enroll your child for just $99 a week for the first month
*Children 13 months and older are eligible for this special.

Full Week Tuition Fees

Full time is considered four or five days a week.
(Daycare or Preschool)
Infant (Newborn-12 mo) $180.00/wk
Walker (13mo-24 mo) $170.00/wk
Toddler (2yrs) $165.00/wk
Pre-K (3 yrs) $160.00/wk
Pre-K (4-5 yrs) $155.00/wk

Part Time Tuition Fees

13 Months and Up
One day/wk $50.00/day
Two days/wk $79.00
Three days/wk $116.00

1/2 Day Preschool Tution:

Ages 2,3,4,5
AM Hours 8:30-11am $32.00/day
PM Hours 3-5pm $32.00/day

Special Days Off From School

*Includes Kindergarten – 6th Grade
Winter Recess, Spring Recess, Quarterly Breaks, Schools Closed

Full Time
All Week $104.00/week

Part Time
Whole days off $ 50.00/day
½ days $ 42.00/day

Before & After School Program

Rates for Kindergarten Children (5 & 6 yrs. Old)
Before or After School: $20.00/day
Before and After School (Up to 6 hours day): $22.00/day

Rates for Tuition for School Children (1st – 12th Grade)
Before or After School: $15/day
Before and After School (Up to 3 hours a Day) $19/day

NOTE: We offer a 10% discount to families with multiple children enrolled at full time status. SPECIAL NOTE: This discount does not apply until after the $99 new enrollment special is complete.

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $35 (per family) is due when you register your children. This fee sets up your account and reserves your child’s place in class for 30 days. Multiple registrations fees may not be paid to save your child’s spot. See parent handbook for more information regarding tuition and fees.