March Newsletter

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March Curriculum:

Mar. 4 – 8:
Our theme is God’s wonderful creation of Zoo animals (the letter Z). Zoos help us learn about animals from other places. We’ll have fun learning how these animals would live in their natural environment ( ie: their habitat, survival skills, camouflage, etc…).

Mar. 11-15:
Our theme is the color Red and the day of Pentecost. In our culture, red is a symbolic color that represents stop, fire, hot, or love. We’ll begin learning how to read symbols and how to recognize the many meanings of the color red.

Mar. 18-22:
Our theme focuses on the color Green and the generous widow who gave two small coins. We will learn that in our culture, the color green is symbolic for generosity, money (paper money), and some plants and animals (nature).

Mar. 25-29:
Our theme this week is on the celebration of Easter, focusing on its true meaning – Jesus’ death and resurrection. We will also learn that we can have “mixed emotions” – sad that Jesus had to die, but happy that He now lives!

• Note: The whole month of March, the children will also be working very hard to prepare a special program for you Easter Sunday. We hope that you will join us for this special Easter Service on March 31st at 10 am.

Upcoming events: Easter program Sunday the 31st

Teacher spotlight:
This month we want to spot light Miss Laura in the Busy Bees room. Miss Laura is a dedicated employee that truly loves the children in her class and enjoys every minute of time she has with them. Laura recently began the process of earning a credential in early childhood development. In the Busy Bees room they work diligently on the essentials for preparing for kindergarten. Miss Laura has a way of doing this and making it fun for the children. Laura has grown as an educator and I am excited to see what else comes from the Busy Bees in the future.

Kid spotlight:
-When Lindsey was taking Grayson’s temp it was 99.4. He told her that he was not 99 he was 4.
-Addison Horvath was getting ready for naptime, Miss Laura was rubbing her back, she then rubbed Miss Laura’s face and told her that she was a “Hot Mess”

Policy Reminders
-Please make sure that on Fridays you take home your child’s blanket, pillow, etc to be washed.
-Tuition payments must be made on the first day of attendance at drop-off
-Parent Handbooks have been update; please read and bring back paper that states that you have received it and agree to the policies within it. Also with this is an authorization form for Emergency Identification and Media Release Policy

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