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From the Pastor’s Desk

I said to myself, “Come now, I will test you with pleasure. So enjoy yourself.” And behold, it too was futility.
Ecclesiastes 2:1
Perhaps you’ve seen one of those slingshot rides at an amusement park. It’s essentially two giant pipe-like towers arranged in a V shape. In between them, attached by steel cables, is an open-air capsule that’s lowered to the ground and secured by hundreds of springs compressed with 40 tons of force. Smoke billows from underneath it like a volcano about to erupt. Then–ZOOM–the capsule is released at nearly 100 miles an hour, rocketing 35 stories into the air in a little more than a second.
And to make it even more fun, the passengers’ faces are shown on a giant video screen. I’ll never forget the first time a couple went on the ride. The man was in horror, wanting nothing but a chance to walk away alive. The woman, on the other hand, was totally absorbing the thrill, squealing and smiling with sheer adrenaline. She was an “all systems go” kind of a person.
She reminds us of many people in the world who are hooked on pleasure and excitement. When life doesn’t deliver, they get disappointed. They keep searching for the next thrill to add a surge of adrenaline through their veins.
Is this a struggle for you? Do you often find yourself longing for the weekend or some other exciting diversion, unable to draw purpose and meaning from the midday, mundane moments of life? I believe that God wants us to learn to live contentedly within the usual and ordinary (see 1 Timothy 6:6).
To truly enjoy the life God has given you, you need to know how to be happy on the days when you’re not at Disney World.

Thank Jesus Christ for the gift of each day, even when many days seem to be the same. Ask Him to help you see Him and the treasure that rests inside every moment.

taken from Family Moments


January Birthdays

Mya Watkins 2nd
Alex Watkins 9th
Dominick Wilson 12th
Tyler Hardy 12th
Connor Knotts 16th
Logan Pieters 23rd
Bella Filley 26th
Brooklyn Caskey 31st


Teacher Spotlight

This January we would like to highlight Ms. Libby in Leaping Lizards! Libby is very passionate about the children in her class. She always has a positive and contagious attitude while she is at Grace Academy. Libby always makes sure she helps the children with whatever they need. We also appreciate Libby’s flexibility, she is always willing to do whatever is needed. We’d like to take this moment to say THANK YOU to Miss Libby for her dedication and dependability to Grace Academy.
THANKS Miss Libby, we truly appreciate you!


January Curriculum

January 13-17
This theme is about UP AND UNDER THINGS and Christ’s ascension (going up to Heaven). The preschoolers will explore directional concepts, habits of animals that live up or under, unusual U words, and umbrellas. Foods that grow underground are also an important aspect of this theme.
Uu, Circle, 11, Blue & Brown

January 20-24
This theme is about VACATIONS and Jesus taking time to rest. The preschoolers may or may not have experience with the vacation concept. The act of visiting a new place or doing something new may be more meaningful to them than a vacation. Simple pleasures such as camping, a walk on the beach, hiking, swimming, or going to a park may be a “vacation” experience to which they can relate.
Vv, Triangle, 12, Yellow

January 27-31
This theme is about WALLS and how God helped Joshua and the people of Israel defeat the people of Jericho. This theme includes how walls are built, why we build them, and how we decorate them. It can be as simple as placing blocks one atop another or as complicated as having preschoolers experiment with simple machines to move building materials from one place to another.
Ww, Square & Rectangles, 4, Red


Policy Reminders

¨ Payments made in cash will not be accepted unless checked in by a director. Receipts will be given at that time.

¨ Please remember if your child is in diapers, you must supply wet wipes.

¨ Please remember to have a change of clothes in your child’s cubby.

¨ Referral Incentive:
If you refer a family that enrolls a child to Grace Academy, you will receive ONE WEEK FREE TUITION


Now Available:
Throwing a party? Shower? Reception?
Grace Community Church is now available to rent for such occasions!
For more details, call the church office
*No rental fee
*Janitorial fee based on size of event

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