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The Academy Connection

Volume 1 – Issue 6
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From the Pastor’s Desk

[pullquoteright]Once he has looked at himself and gone away, he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was. James 1:24[/pullquoteright]

Just a short reminder, parents are people in a position of influence. Think about the adult figures in your life that have set the example of the person you had hoped to be like. Possibly it was a husband, wife, father or mother role model. Someone smart, generous, fun to be with, and committed to others.

This scripture refers to the Bible as a mirror. It talks about looking into it, seeing the truth we need to walk in our lives. Yet, because of life’s distractions, we lose focus of the kind of person we desire to be.

Sometimes we lose our way. We forget who we really are. And thank God, He inspires some of the people around us to hold up a mirror and let us see who we’ve become. If or when this ever happens to you, promise you’ll look carefully at the reflection they offer. It might just save your life or the influence we have on others, specifically our children.

Taken from “Moments With You”[/alert_green] [hr]

Fun fact

February is Black History Month!



Revised handbooks will be distributed this month, please make sure you return your “acknowledement sheet” stating you have reviewed our new handbook &   updated policies



Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Alison

This month we would like to spotlight Mrs.Alison in the infant room. Mrs.Alison greatly enjoys being in the infant room. She takes the time to rock and cuddle each child as if they were her own. She does more than just “play” with the babies. She loves them. Alison has a time for reading and doing crafts, she has a time for playing and tummy time, and she has a time for being one on one with each child. She even enjoys feeding them and seeing the reactions they give when they try new foods. Parents of infant children, please know your babies are in good hands.

Thank you Mrs.Alison for all your hard work! We appreciate all the hard work, dedication and love you pour into that room![/alert_blue] [hr]

February Birthdays

3rd – Andrew Beehler

12th – Gabby Gates

20th – Shelly Werner, Emily Werner

21st – Tyler Jacobsen, Hannah Kurvilla

22nd – Jeremiah Love

28th – Angelina Barbaro

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